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Policy Planning, Governmental Affairs, and Community Outreach

Policy Planning, Governmental Affairs, & Community Outreach

• Developing & Implementing Action Plans

• Drafting Position Papers (Research and Analysis)

• Developing Strategic Plans


Action Plans & Position Papers

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The Bingman Group works with organizations to develop comprehensive communications, government relations, and public affairs strategies for various projects. We develop, re-invigorate, and nurture key relationships with policy, political, community, and business leaders, by activating, for example, the following elements:

  • Drafting research-based position papers to ensure that clients are aware of relevant policies and mandates, similar projects, public opinions, and best practice models
  • Establishing a collaborative relationship between the organization’s project leaders with other business, professional, political, and community leaders
  • Providing organizational support for important community activities designed to communicate the purpose and importance of an organization’s project
  • Establishing ongoing dialogue and interaction with community leaders through informal group discussions and planned events
  • Overseeing a “grass roots” and “grasstops” campaign to garner support for the organization’s project
  • Working with communication specialists to develop a proactive, positive public persona for the organization and its project through the media that will resonate with governmental, community, business, and policy leaders


Strategic Planning

Planning and Visioning are critical components for an organization to build or strengthen its capacity. Thus, investing in a thorough Strategic Planning process yields positive results for organizations and the individuals they serve. The Bingman Group works with organizations that are conducting their first Strategic Planning process and also ones that are updating their existing plan. The following process has proven to be beneficial to organizations serviced:

Process and ApproachBingman Group Helps to Solve Problems

  • Conducting a pre-planning workshop with the organization’s leaders to review organizational roles and responsibilities and to gain input
  • Reviewing the organization’s operational documents, policies and procedures
  • Conducting a Strategic Assessment (Internal and External View of strengths, opportunities, challenges & goals)
  • Assessing the organization’s services & programs with board members, volunteers, community members, partners, & sponsors
  • Conducting a data audit (assessing opportunities for the organization, based on the demographics of individuals and families served and services provided)
  • Planning and facilitating a strategic planning retreat for the Executive Director and Board that also involves discussion of roles, responsibilities and board governance
  • Producing a written Strategic Plan, that includes a Collaborative Partnership Plan and providing recommendations for plan implementation