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About The Bingman Group

About The Bingman Group

Teresa Bingman

Lloyd Bingman


The Bingman Group provides creative, sustainable strategies geared toward empowering organizations and people. With each project, we endeavor to produce tangible results that achieve our clients’ goals and enhance the quality of living for individuals and families..

We have the ability to reach people and entities within any community by tapping into our established network, exploring opportunities to expand our network to benefit our clients, employing innovative problem solving techniques, and effectively communicating critical information to our clients’ constituents, stakeholders, and supporters.

Every interaction with our clients, whether working with individuals, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, governmental entities or businesses, is based on integrity. We understand that utilizing a consummate professional approach targeted to the organizations’ goals and objectives, is the optimal method to address the ever changing needs of communities and the individuals and institutions that serve them.

We are committed to helping organizations and communities implement proven, sustainable solutions that can attract resources and create positive impact on a local, state, or national level. We have the expertise, the resources, the commitment, and the relationships to help deliver solid, positive, and life-changing results to communities and people who face challenges therein. Overall, The Bingman Group provides a holistic, fresh approach to addressing the needs of people who face challenges during this time of swift change in our nation.

We understand what it takes to help uplift people’s lives and effect change in our communities and we have the relevant skills to assist the entities that serve individuals and families. With our skills and resources, we can help bring about positive changes.