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Lloyd G. Bingman, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer

Lloyd G. Bingman, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer

The Bingman Group, LLC (TBG)

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Dr. Lloyd G. Bingman graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Educational Administration from Michigan State University in December 2003, a Masters of Education degree in Urban Education from Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma in December 1995, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University in July 1982.

Dr. Bingman is Chief Operating Officer of The Bingman Group, LLC, providing advice and research-based data, analysis, and recommendations on urban community issues, conducting research studies and evaluations, writing reports, and preparing related documents. In addition to his educational experiences as a researcher, writer, and education policy analyst, Dr. Bingman has also acquired skills and abilities in reviewing and writing federal and state government grants.

Being reared in an urban neighborhood and attending urban schools, Dr. Bingman is quite familiar with issues related to lack of access to various resources within low-income neighborhoods. As a result, he has made a conscientious lifelong decision to assist urban communities by conducting research and making policy and programmatic recommendations that provide people who live in urban communities with opportunities to experience success through access to education and resources necessary to thrive productively.

Dr. Bingman’s professional, academic, and community service activities follow: Council Member, Council for Labor and Economic Growth (CLEG) – (December 2004-2011); Michigan State University Alumni Association, East Lansing, MI (December 2003 to Present); Life Member, Langston University Alumni Association (1995-present); Oklahoma State University Alumni Association (1982-present).

In addition, Bingman is an active Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, where he is Director of Education for the Kappa Delta Lambda chapter and serves on the Midwestern Region Education Board of Directors for the fraternity’s national foundation. Dr. Bingman is a volunteer, Mentor, and Board Member for “The Turning Point Program: Transforming Boys to Men,” which is a program designed for young men 7th – 12th grade to establish pride, provide motivation to achieve, provide direction on tough issues, provide a forum for discussion, establish mentoring relationships, and to enhance the education of young men (2005-present).


• Michigan State University, 2011. Keynote Luncheon Speaker. Topic: The State of African American Males, Educationally, Socially, and Financially. This presentation provided information to over 100 African American Male MSU students to assist in increasing the academic performances of young African American men, and to provide them with tools and strategies to become mentors and positive role models for other young men and women, particularly those who live in urban communities.

• Michigan State University, 2011, 2010, & 2009. Annual Presenter and Facilitator for Michigan State University’s Annual “Race and Religion Conference.” This conference provides individuals throughout the country to meet and obtain information concerning Race and Religion issues within various communities.

• Michigan State University, 2008. Keynote Speaker for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., High School Graduate Student Salute. Presentation was designed to encourage Ingham County-wide high school graduates to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities, and the growing need for more citizens to become Civic and Community Servants.

• Michigan State University Research to Practice Conference, 2001. Presentation was entitled: “Institutional Factors That Impact African American Doctoral Student Persistence to Complete Their Degrees.”

• University of Michigan, 2001. Sponsored by the Graduate Students of Color. Title of Presentation: “US, THEM, OR WE: Crossing Boundaries to Engage in Difficult Dialogues.” Co-presenters: Franklyn Williams and Lloyd G. Bingman. Data taken from a 2000 study entitled: “Black Male in America,” which examined the educational and cultural experiences of Black men in this country: African American, African, and Bahamian.


• Book Contributor: “Views from the Frontline: Voices of Conscience on College Campuses.” Publisher, Common Ground: World Universities Forum. May 2012.

• Article entitled: “New Parent Engagement Tool Kit Aims to Help Schools Raise Student Achievement.” Published in “Leading Change,” Fall

• Co-Author of Education Manual: “New Parent Engagement Information and Tools: Moving Beyond Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement. 04_111424_7.doc Article entitled: “Benton Harbor, A Plan for Positive Change: Final Report of the Governor’s Benton Harbor Task Force (Education section),” October 15, 2003

• Article entitled: “Alternative Approaches To Recruiting Prospective Faculty of Color in Higher Education.” Published in the “Last Word” section of the July 19, 2001 issue of “Black Issues in Higher Education. Co-authors: with Byron L. Zamboanga, Ph.D. and Lloyd G. Bingman, Ph.D.