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Grant Writing, Training, and Meeting Facilitation

Grant Writing, Training, and Meeting Facilitation

  •  Grant Writing and Compliance
  • Leadership Training and Meeting Facilitation

Grant Writing

The Bingman Group performs research-based grant writing for colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations. We take the time to become familiar with our clients’ organizations and their current and past projects. In some instances, we have recommended partners for our clients to collaborate with to pursue certain grant opportunities and we urge our clients to remain engaged in the grant planning process to ensure positive outcomes. We have also completed applications for clients who seek to operate state-regulated programs.

Leadership Training and Meeting Facilitation

The Bingman Group works with organizations’ leaders to develop and implement Training and Meeting Facilitation plans that are relevant to an organization’s forward progress. We have worked with organizations to meet the following needs:

• Preparing a training/education curriculum

• Providing training on board governance, roles and responsibilities

• Providing advice to boards or organizations during transitions

• Conducting trainings to provide clarity about targeted rules regulations, and processes

• Facilitating meetings to resolve discontent and strife at the board and staff level

• Building an organization’s capacity, and

• Helping organizational leaders launch new programmatic services